Тоник Lotion P50


Тоник Lotion P50

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Beauty inside out and if I could get ONLY 3 Biologique Recherche products. Beauty tips!

Hello beauties,

today I am sharing something we already talked about and I keep mentioning it on my instagram but I keep getting messages with similar questions.
Well I love to share my reviews about skin care but that is not always all you can do.
The lifestyle choices we make everyday affect our skin as well, stress is enemy of everything but I know that is not always as easy to get rid of it but with correct nutritions we can support our skin from inside out and it will help you to save money on skin care.
Believe or not I have learned how important nutritions are in USA, not Europe. I feel like we have this idea of how much healthier europeans are but its soooo not the truth. Some countries have the options but to say the disappointing truth Czech Republic has very bad cuisine and I absolutely understand why it can be difficult to add new habits. But I am here two months and I was able to find the way so we all can.

You know the points of healthy lifestyle, they may aren’t easy but I decided to talk you into it 🙂
And its fine if you slip, but promise to me the first part of our conversation will increase with each bad habit on your plate, just by one cup that is enough.

BTW I adjusted this video from 56 minutes sooo if you think this talk is too long, lol not really.

Thank you for all your support!



Products mentioned:

Iso Placenta for ever 🙂 https://www.biologique-recherche.com/en-cz/skin-care/cosmetic-preparation/ISO-Placenta/
Elastine serum https://www.biologique-recherche.com/en-cz/skin-care/cosmetic-preparation/Elastine/
ADN cream, anti-aging https://www.biologique-recherche.com/en-cz/skin-care/cosmetic-preparation/Creme-ADN-Metamorphique/
Acne skin https://www.biologique-recherche.com/en-cz/skin-care/cosmetic-preparation/Creme-Dermopurifiante/
P50 https://www.biologique-recherche.com/en-cz/skin-care/cosmetic-preparation/Lotion-P50/

how Biologique Recherche cured my acne and hyperpigmentation

as usual, not sponsored 🙂

acne is a journey, kids. as i explained in the video these results took me THREE years to achieve. there is no quick fix- only time and consistency with actives that YOUR skin needs will help with acne, scars and pigment.

spa mentioned and where you can find all these items:

I tried to make it clear that Toska owns the spa but I don’t see her specifically- she stays booked out for months serving all the celebs ya know lol all the estheticians who work there are amazing and so helpful.

leave any questions below!
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Review: Biologique Recherche Lotion P50 VS Paula’s Choice 2% BHA Liquid Exfoliant ����

Please don’t read me about that gawd-awful eyeliner LOL learned my lesson- Inglot ain’t it.

The Environmental Working Group (EWG) ratings can be found below- along with a plethora of info on all the ingredients mentioned today. When curious about an ingredient this site can be helpful but it is not my end-all-be-all when choosing my skincare ��

Biologique Recherche Lotion P50: https://abtheartofbeauty.com/product/biologique-recherche-lotion-p50-no-phenol/
Paula’s Choice 2% BHA liquid exfoliant: https://www.paulaschoice.com/skin-perfecting-2pct-bha-liquid-exfoliant/201.html

what products do you want me to compare/review?

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Lotion P50 — Biologique Recherche — Lets break them down!

Hi there,

In this video I break down all 4 Biologique Recherche Lotion P50s, what their ingredients are, what the differences are between them and which one is best for you!

I go through all the ingredients of these exfoliating lotions and dissect them. Their aha, bha and pha content; their anti ageing ingredients, their ph balancing ingredients, their anti acne purifying ingredients and obviously their exfoliating ingredients.
How to figure out your skin type, depending on whether you have a thick skin or a thin skin, a dehydrated skin or an oily skin, a dry skin or a sensitive or reactive skin, or a combination skin, you would receive the best results from a particular Lotion P50.

I hope you enjoy it!
Love Natalie xoxo

Lotion P50W — https://embassyofbeauty.co.uk/products/lotion-p50w#/
Lotion P50V — https://embassyofbeauty.co.uk/products/lotion-p50v#/
Lotion P50 — https://embassyofbeauty.co.uk/products/lotion-p50#/
Lotion P50PIGM400 — https://embassyofbeauty.co.uk/products/lotion-p50-pigm-400#/

All BR products can be found at https://embassyofbeauty.co.uk/#/

0:00 — Ingredients in The Lotion P50s
11:50 — Lotion P50W
15:50 — Lotion P50V
20:18 — Lotion P50 pure
22:40 — Lotion P50 PIGM400
27:13 — Lotion P50 1970
28:10 — Retinoids / Vitamin A vs Hydroxy Acids

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