Ваза Surface Coloree B29


Ваза Surface Coloree B29


B-29 Korean War Pilot Dave Flaming Narrated History — Superfortress RB-29

David J. Flaming flew RB-29 reconnaissance versions of the Superfortress during the Korean War. His recollections and his personal wartime color photos make for a compelling and seldom heard story.

B-29 Superfortress — Academy 1/72 — Aircraft Model

DIY Riveting Wheel

DIY Photo-etched Parts Bender

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B-29 Superfortress

The awesome B29 Superfortress

Boeing B-29 «Fifi» Closeup Takeoff, overhead break and landing! [4K Video]

Watch the huge Boeing B-29 Superfortress «Fifi» takeoff from Nashua Airport at Boire Field (ASH), then return a short time later flying a great overhead pattern entry with a left break to land on runway 14. If you saw my earlier video you’ll note an abnormal amount of smoke from the left main gear upon the landing roll out, it appears as if the outboard tire on the left main gear locked up and skidded along the resulting damage to the tire unfortunately resulted in a scrub for the remaining passenger flights for the day. Getting to see this behemoth of an aircraft up close and in action is a real treat, the CAF does an excellent job of brining these aircraft around the country for all to see and appreciate.

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Shot in 4K on a Sony RX10iv

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